Poppy’s Crusade


Poppy Possum falls out of a tree in the middle of the night and lands on a tractor. He then wake up to the sound of the engine and is scared and not knowing what to do. He goes on a long adventure during the daylight hours as his attempts of getting off the moving tractor are foiled at each stop. The tractor is shredding the forest and despite his attempts to warn his family he sees that his family home is about to be destroyed. During his adventures the audience see other animals that are facing possible extinction and are also on Australia’s endangered list.



With the continued destruction of nature through manmade development species like those in Poppy’s Crusade are on Australia’s endangered list. Please click on each one to find out more about them and how you can do your bit to help their survival.

Loggerhead Turtle                                       Gulf Snapping Turtle

loggerhead turtle                          gulf snapping turtle

Red- Tailed Black Cockatoo                              Grassland Earless Dragon

red tailed black cockatoo                           Grassland_Earless_Dragon_01

Diplodactylus                                                  Mountain Pygmy Possum

Diplodactylus.jpg                mountain-pygmy-possum_img01-l.jpg

Orange Bellied Parrot                               Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

aaa-parrot_20111103104134124988-420x0.jpg                               proud-wbat




The users will face several obstacles to find out what is happening within Australia and how to protect endangered animal species. Follows a similar game structure such as ‘Journey to The End of Coal 2008’ and ‘Soul Patron 2010’. The game focuses on displaying the consequences of construction development such as environmental, safety, access, amenity and recreation. Poppy’s Crusade game will test the users minds by allowing them to regulate a strict environment regulation with the help of having the communities input such as having wetlands restoration to benefit and improve the flora and fauna. Australia’s endangered animals will be a part of the other characters in the game and users are able to interact with them to find out what is happening from the actions of construction development, land clearing, and how can they help to save their species.






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