Poppy’s Crusade

MOVIE: POPPY’S CRUSADE Poppy Possum falls out of a tree in the middle of the night and lands on a tractor. He then wake up to the sound of the engine and is scared and not knowing what to do. He goes on a long adventure during the daylight hours as his attempts of getting … More Poppy’s Crusade

Gulf Snapping Turtle

Gulf Snapping Turtle are vegetarian eating a range of leaves, fruit and algae. This species are known as dry-nesters and reproduce between May – July. They lay between 6-9 oblong shaped eggs and Wild Pigs are thought to be the cause of their major threat.

Loggerhead Turtle

© Michel Gunther / WWF-Canon Loggerhead turtles are named for their large heads that support powerful jaw muscles, allowing them to crush hard-shelled prey like clams and sea urchins. They are less likely to be hunted for their meat or shell compared to other sea turtles. They are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems and help maintain … More Loggerhead Turtle